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Is Nouveau a Scam? - Must Read Information

Is Nouveau Riche a scam? “I'm interested in joining Nouveau Riche, but I want to get both sides of the story.”

It has been speculated that Nouveau Riche may be a scam because there are individuals that find the opportunity outside of what they understand as “Entrepreneurial” or have joined and either didn’t participate in the training and support offered or didn’t put in the proper effort at following through on taking action. “Nouveau Riche is the real deal!” This has been heard over and over again. Overall, the Nouveau Riche Real Estate Investment College provides the tools, motivation, and support that will get you on the road to successful real estate investing. Nouveau Riche also offers an entrepreneurial opportunity where ITAs and ISAs (Independent Training Associates and Independent Sales Associates) can earn commissions when referring individuals that sign up for the Nouveau Riche College, the S.E.E.K (Super Entrepreneurial Encyclopedia of Knowledge) program and the Coaching Program. An individual can even market the products and earn income (no product purchase required) before attending the Nouveau Riche College. It has proven to be a good balance to earn money by selling the products that can then also be used to help fuel the real estate investing activities after they become educated.

There are a small percentage of individuals that struggle with results through Nouveau Riche, and unfortunately those individuals likely struggle with most efforts that they put towards entrepreneurial opportunities simply because entrepreneurialism is not for everyone. Unfortunately there will always be some of those individuals, and some individuals that simply like to criticize, and feel the need to take it out on the company by posting material on the internet so that they feel they are heard by thousands. So within this post we are going to present to you some feedback posted on the internet by those that felt the need to give some constructive criticism towards understanding the opportunities through Nouveau Riche.

Before going over the feedback it is important to understand that like any entrepreneurial opportunity or business ownership, it is not for everyone, but it is today’s #1 way of creating wealth. There are thousands of Multi-Level Marketing (MLM) schemes in existence today and tens of thousands of new ways to earn extra money on the internet working from home every year. It is important to understand that Nouveau Riche is NOT an MLM, nor does it exist to offer you a “Get Rich Quick” option. Nouveau Riche is an opportunity for those that are looking for a way to start or expand their path to Creating Wealth through an education in Real Estate Investing. Real Estate Investing is the #1 way for 95% of the nation to create and control the type of money that would allow you to “Create Wealth”, Nouveau Riche’s Real Estate Education is based upon a "tried and true," scientifically-proven, educational process known as Instructional System Design (ISD). This teaching design method accelerates learning and maximizes retention and has been proven, time and time again, in higher education institutes world-wide. At the beginning of class, students are given a pre-assessment to evaluate their understanding of the subject matter. The Instructor assesses the results to determine which areas need particular focus. At the end of class, students take a post-assessment to measure their comprehension of the material. By comparing the pre- and post-assessments, YOU can determine how well the Instructor did his job and how much you actually absorbed!

Possibly one of the best things about the Nouveau Riche Real Estate Investment College is how each College course has been designed to teach you CURRENT "how-to" real estate investment concepts and strategies to apply in the real world! In addition, Nouveau Riche will be there to support you as YOU put your education into ACTION. You will participate in case studies, classroom discussions, and role-playing exercises that will aid in understanding the advantages and disadvantages of several short-term and long-term real estate investment strategies. The Nouveau Riche Instructors will help you build your confidence teaching you not only what to do, but what not to do! You will not find this type of education on real estate investing through “Guru” books or “Seminars” that are so widely advertised over the internet and on late, late night TV.

As Nouveau Riche grows it becomes more popular from the growth of the number of students and the increase of marketing efforts by the Nouveau Riche Corporation and the students themselves. As an added income opportunity for students that attend the real estate investment college they are given the opportunity to sign up as an Independent Sales Associate (ISA) where they can earn commissions on referring individuals that sign up for the Nouveau Riche College. Understanding this opportunity is where the confusion of being compared to an MLM comes into play. The Nouveau Riche Corporation does everything they can with compliance to make sure that any and all existing ISA’s explain and market this opportunity correctly. This opportunity is very attractive to the “sales” gifted individuals that find this opportunity because one sale can profit you $8,000.00. Profits like that per sale are very attractive to anyone and can also immediately throw up a red flag for others.

Independent Sales Associates (ISA’s) must pass knowledge assessments of the Company’s sales promotions, products, and policies and complete sales certification requirements with their mentor to assist sales associates in effectively marketing Nouveau Riche products and opportunities. When an individual initially applies to market Nouveau Riche products, they are considered an Independent Training Associate (ITA) and they are not considered certified until they have completed the necessary requirements. Just like any large or small corporation that has a national sales force of independent contractors, there are and will be some cases where some individuals personally make the decision to use inappropriate or unapproved marketing tactics. As soon as these cases are presented to the Nouveau Riche corporate office, they are corrected and handled with legal compliance immediately. If you have questions or concerns, it is best to go directly to the source for the correct information if you ever feel that you are questioning the explanation from an Independent Sales or Training Associate. Nouveau Riche has a corporate website (, or an easier link to your local area might be ) where you can locate a Regional or National Associate in your area that is trained, certified, experienced in marketing the opportunity and some have personal experience in real estate investing as well. Contacting a Nouveau Riche Independent Regional or National Associate will allow you to have a detailed conversation with someone that can take the time to talk with you one on one to answer any and all questions that you may have about Nouveau Riche prior to making a decision. The Nouveau Riche Corporate Office has a Customer Care team ready to answer your questions and concerns as well. If you have general questions or would need a clear explanation of any aspect of Nouveau Riche you may contact them at (480) 850-1500 or send an email to The Nouveau Riche Customer Care team will answer your questions or direct you to the appropriate contact, such as your local Independent Regional or National Associate, giving you the name and phone number of the person that can answer your question with the most detail and understanding.

It is also very important to understand that, contractually, the person who enrolls you into Nouveau Riche is NOT YOUR REAL ESTATE COACH. If they have fully qualified and gotten their training sales completed then they are your marketing and sales coach. If you are marketed to by an inexperienced ITA that is not marketing with the support of an experienced ISA and you feel the information is misleading or confusing you should contact the local IRA or INA in your area or contact the corporate office Customer Care team so that you can be directed to the corresponding IRA or INA to clarify any information or answer questions you may have.

There are some individuals that sign up with Nouveau Riche to solely concentrate on the opportunity to market and earn commissions from the Nouveau Riche products and maximize their potential of being able to replace the income of their current job or career so that they can have the time freedom they desire. There are also individuals that solely sign up with Nouveau Riche to attend the real estate investment college for purposes of making money investing in real estate. There are individuals with years of real estate investing experience that attend the Nouveau Riche College to further their education and understanding of CURRENT concepts and strategies and there are individuals without any real estate investing experience that attend the Nouveau Riche College so that they can start investing in real estate and make sure they are doing so with a full understanding of every aspect that is involved with real estate investing as well as a full understanding of “what NOT to do”. Whether you are a seasoned real estate investor, simply looking for a way to create wealth, prefer to study independently, at your own pace or if you enjoy hands-on learning and instructor interaction Nouveau Riche is designed to cater to everyone and their different needs. Nouveau Riche also has a full video library of live college sessions and classes that you can view and review online with a Regents Tuition package and is available to you as soon as your tuition order completes. Nouveau Riche does offer the advantage of a dual income opportunity when you market the Nouveau Riche products and invest in real estate to generate multiple streams of income. The majority of individuals that join Nouveau Riche take advantage of both opportunities to make money and begin their path to creating true wealth, however, it is a decision that is made by the individual if they are going to utilize the real estate investing education, market the products or both.

So if after reading through the explanation above, visiting the corporate website, speaking to a regional or national associate of Nouveau Riche and/or the corporate office customer care department you still have speculation of whether Nouveau Riche is a scam then hopefully the feedback from individuals that are involved with Nouveau Riche and individuals that are NOT involved with Nouveau Riche will help shed some light on the topic.

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Posted below is some of the actual Feedback found on the internet about Nouveau Riche from folks who have attended the Nouveau Riche College.

Reviewer: Wallace Hobbs from North Carolina – Active ISA with Nouveau Riche

Ok, here are just the facts on the Nouveau Riche Real Estate Investment College from my experience with Nouveau Riche. First off I first became a student with Nouveau Riche way back in June 2004. The company had just built a basic website, and there were less than 90 people total taking the classes. Now in just under 5 years Nouveau Riche has grown by more than 2,400%. I am now a full time investor, own and have owned many properties from Hawaii to North Carolina; and still have 6 nice rental properties in just North Carolina today alone. So the reason I am writing this post is to help clear up some misinformation about Nouveau Riche and help those who are willing to WORK HARD and succeed as a Real Estate Investor just like I have.

I must say I am shocked by a lot of the “Nouveau Riche is a scam” posts, and how misinformed most people are about Nouveau Riche. It seems the majority of people would rather find fault with something rather than work hard to achieve their goals. If you read all the negative posts on Nouveau Riche carefully 95% of them are negative towards the marketing or the way it was presented to them. These folks just want to spend the $75 Marketing Kit Fee and earn $16,000 a month selling it to others without having to put in WORK to do it. Let me be honest with you. NO ONE has ever done this in the history of Nouveau Riche. The individuals who make $16K+ a month are all hard workers who have bought and used the education to do deals. DO NOT let any "Nouveau Riche Sales Rep" tell you different, and if they do, have them call me so I can tell them they are wrong, set them straight and send them on their merry way.

I guess I need to state a few basic facts about Nouveau Riche and the Real Estate Investing Education they offer for all those posters who know nothing but how to bash something they have not used and will not work hard to succeed at anything. The full “In Detail” version with all the facts on what Nouveau Riche offers in the way of Real Estate Investing and other information can be found through this link:

Nouveau Riche has 3 Main Parts and I will go over each in a thumbnail brief.

1. Nouveau Riche Education: Nouveau Riche offers Real Estate Investing Education, through home study, online, and live college level classes out in Scottsdale, AZ about 4 to 6 times a year for a week at a time. 2300 students were at the last college and they had a 92% positive rating on Feedback from the students on how well the information taught was of value to them.

2. Nouveau Riche has an investor concierge that finds, funds, fixes, tenants, manages, rents, lease options, builder lease backs, multi units, or sells properties for you. They do it all for you. They do not have the Deal of the Century; just good solid deals to help you either get started in investing or add to the portfolio that you already have.

3. Nouveau Riche Income Opportunity: for students that attend the real estate investment college, they are given the opportunity to sign up as an Independent Sales Associate (ISA) where they can earn commissions on referring individuals that sign up for the Nouveau Riche College. It is not offered on the Nouveau Riche website, you have to be offered it from an official Nouveau Riche representative. Yes some are good and some are bad, just like any business. I suggest to anyone to choose someone you like, and is an ACTIVE INVESTOR in Real Estate. Someone who practices what they preach.

Now the bottom line is Nouveau Riche offers good Real Estate Investing Education by active instructor investors, who "Talk the Talk and Walk the Walk". This will help you if you are prepared to WORK HARD and TAKE ACTION. If not then NO REAL ESTATE INVESTING EDUCATIONAL program is going to work for you. Make sure when you decide to join Nouveau Riche or not that you enroll with someone who is an active successful investor and can help you, if this is your goal.

For the record the selling and marketing part of Nouveau Riche is not an MLM, there are not uplines or downlines who get paid money off your work forever and ever. It is set up like insurance sales, you sell a total of 3 to get trained and qualified then you have the ability to earn income. It is really simple. Going to a Marketing Meeting, versus going to the Nouveau Riche College for Real Estate Education are two entirely different things, so remember that. Also please note that contractually, the person who enrolls you into Nouveau Riche is NOT YOUR REAL ESTATE COACH. If they have fully qualified and gotten their training sales completed then they are your marketing and sales coach, not your real estate investing coach.

Nouveau Rice leaves nothing to chance. They employ only the top active Real Estate Investing coaches to teach the classes which they are experts in. The Nouveau Riche Real Estate community is also there to help you, but they all have different levels of expertise. So be careful of whom you sign up with and make sure he or she matches your intended goal and expectations of Nouveau Riche. Please don’t think you will get rich without working hard and then later say on the internet that you were scammed. Nobody truly believes that anyway. Also, it is your choice as to whether Nouveau Riche is right for you. Does it make sense to you that IF Nouveau Riche was a Scam or not Legal that it would still be growing and still be around after 5 years. I am not saying you should enroll in Nouveau Riche. I am not saying you should market Nouveau Riche Education. I am saying just make sure you get your questions about Nouveau Riche answered correctly by someone who has taken the classes, and took action to buy Real Estate and become an investor, then make your choice.

Reviewer: Scott Jones from Utah

For anyone that says it’s a scam, you didn't put in the effort. All I have found are numerous individuals that care about my success and are more than willing to help me. I love it and recommend it to everyone that wants to get into Real Estate Investing and be a business owner. YOU are the biggest variable!

Reviewer: Jeremy Beck from Chicago, IL

Surprise, surprise, there are good and bad reviews of every single real estate course out there! After trying Carlton Sheets, Robert Allen and others like them I found that Nouveau Riche is the BEST VALUE. You get long term education and consistent access to investors in the community. I have bought over $2M in real estate, made over $150K cash in deals since getting started and made $190k from marketing Nouveau Riche products. I am now positioned to take advantage of the current market changes as I have a good understanding of residential and commercial real estate and have made phenomenal contacts inside and out of the Nouveau Riche community. Make a detailed comparison of all the programs out there and for those looking for all inclusive, long term education, Nouveau Riche should hold up very well. Don't let the unique marketing model turn you off a good program. Ultimately, you have to ask yourself. Are YOU the biggest variable? Are you consistent and persistent? Like Trump says, Never Give Up! Hope this helps.

Reviewer: Maria Rise from Mill Valley, CA

I have never experienced a company with such a high level of integrity. Nouveau Riche has transformed my real estate investing career. I have attended many educational courses and read many books on real estate investing. I have found the classes and the instructors to be of the highest quality. I was originally skeptical but I did my due diligence and made my own decision. The classes have opened the door to real estate strategies I never thought possible or knew about. I now have a consulting business in multi-family properties that is making six figures a year. There was never a hard sell for me to join Nouveau Riche and that was what I loved about it. The community has been amazing and supportive. For all the naysayers, I am sorry for your unfortunate experiences but you only get out of something what you put into it. I have worked the strategies I learned and they have worked for me. I have earned my tuition back many times over.

Reviewer: Rick Thois from Columbus OH

I am so glad I found the Nouveau Riche community. I had heard a lot about it from a lot of sources so I was "skeptical" about who I chose to work with. I went to several local meetings and they seemed good, but I wanted to enroll with an active investor who had done well with their education and was not just talking hype. I finally choose a seasoned investor, who was very upfront with me and told me that Real Estate Investing was hard work but the community of mentors and coaches at Nouveau Riche along with him would help me out. I got started with the college and have learned a lot. I have only been involved about 4 months and have already done my first deal and I made $32,456.00 in Profit! If you’re serious about Real Estate Investing, Nouveau Riche is great. Just be sure you work with someone with experience and keep your focus.

Reviewer: Gary from Idaho Falls ID

Yes, it is possible to start from zero and become an educated successful investor with Nouveau Riche. Yes, it is possible to be an advanced investor and with Nouveau Riche, take your investing knowledge to a new, higher level. I know dozens of people who have done both with Nouveau Riche. Yes it is possible to DO ABSOLUTLEY NOTHING AND FAIL to take action, only to blame your failure on Nouveau Riche. Don't invest in yourself if you don't plan on taking on your life and becoming a better you, save your money. Do invest in yourself if you’re willing to treat it like a business and work it like a business. I am not afraid to "come out of the closet and identify myself" as a proud and prosperous Nouveau Riche educated investor in Idaho Falls, Idaho. I paid my money 3 years ago and I paid it again. I also just paid for my 18 year old son so he too can learn and succeed. HHHMMM, I guess I just scammed myself!!!!!!!!!!!

Reviewer: Jeff from Unknown Location

I am a student at Nouveau Riche, not a marketer. I started in May 2006, with NO experience and attended the college in July 2006. By September 14th I had helped 2 families out of foreclosure and into a better situation. I helped them with moving expenses and put money in their pockets. It didn’t cost me any money and I did not use my credit. In 2 months I made $12,014 on the first property and $17,610 on the 2nd property. Plus, I helped 2 families who would have otherwise been left with ruined credit and no money. As of December 1st, I have 2 more properties that are cash flowing ($688/month passive income plus $60,000 in equity)! I am now doing this full time and I love it, I love my mentors, I love the community, I love Nouveau Riche!!

I could care less that someone made a commission off of my tuition. For me, the education paid for itself in 2 months just by doing what they taught me! Plus I made more money in 2 deals (in 2 months) than I used to make in a year as a fire fighter! My independent sales associate (the one that made commission), as well as my instructors help me when I have real estate questions! It’s been well worth it to me because I took action, I didn’t expect someone else to make me rich, I just did what they taught me! No one promised me anything!

You could sit around and complain about whatever you want to, but while you are sitting in negative land, picking apart life's opportunities, I am TRULY enjoying my life as a successful real estate investor, helping people and making a wonderful income at the same time! It’s more fun to play in the positive light! Get out of the dark man!

p.s. I've read REI books from the authors that are advertised all over the internet, they are decent books, but unfortunately they don't give you instruction on how to create deals. They are great stories, but no instruction. If you don't know the right contracts to use, know when to use them, know how to negotiate, and if you don't have a mentor, etc. it’s really easy to get yourself into trouble with real estate. Good luck to you.

Reviewer: Unknown – Active with Nouveau Riche

We have been going to lots of meetings concerning real estate, and thanks to a good friend, who knew of our interest, introduced us to Nouveau Riche. We were not savvy investors, but Nouveau Riche taught us the tools on how to purchase properties through their Investor Concierge, and now we feel comfortable enough to venture on our own. And yes, we feel good letting others know about the company and its education, because it pays to know firsthand what you are doing. Banks and mortgage companies gouge you when it comes to good faith estimates, especially if you don't understand what you are signing up for. I know, because I have refinanced my home several times, looked at the good faith estimate, and could cry with all of the junk fees I got stuck with. So yes, if you think their education is expensive, try ignorance. You get what you pay for. Either you learn, or you lose, and lose big. You make the choice.

Reviewer: Unknown – Active with Nouveau Riche

I paid my $16,000 in May of 2005 and have implemented many strategies to my investing success. I will say that Nouveau Riche is not for everyone, it takes discipline and effort to succeed in anything. I will also say that I was investing in real estate before I joined Nouveau Riche. Nouveau Riche has propelled me with my investor network and allowed me to see things in a way I might not have otherwise.

As with any business, religion, organization, community, etc., you get some good and you get some bad apples. Just because a worker or boss is a jerk, does that make the company evil? Just because the mayor of a city is corrupt, do you move to another city? Absolutely not, you do your part to make it better. I have my shares of distaste when I see how some people market Nouveau Riche just to get a sale and not care at all about learning to invest. I don't agree with every tactic that is taught by the faculty either, but I take the principles and tactics that match the type of person I am and I learn and implement them for my betterment and application. I also see others who truly do care and have the best interest of the prospect or homeowner in mind.

I chose not to market Nouveau Riche when I signed up. I was strictly going to Nouveau Riche for the education and the network. In January of 2007 I started sharing what I learned with others and have presented the Nouveau Riche opportunity to those I network with. It has served all of us well, but what serves the most good is the NETWORK I can create. I will always be an investor first, but teaching and mentoring others is a very rewarding thing as well. My business partner and I have helped over 20 individuals get to Nouveau Riche and we have seen them all grow and benefit from what Nouveau Riche has to offer. As an investor first and foremost, I extend an open invitation to network with other like minded investors from different parts of the country whether or not you are involved with Nouveau Riche or any other formal educational training company. I have worked with investors and developers from Idaho, Utah, California, Wyoming, Montana, Arizona and Washington.

Reviewer: Unknown – Active with Nouveau Riche

Before I begin, I have to say that I'm not marketing the Nouveau Riche opportunity. I have only utilized the education so it in no way benefits me to edify this company. However, I must address the negative comments made about this company. I am a very novice investor and prior to Nouveau Riche, I knew literally nothing about real estate investing. So, there has to be something said about that fact that I went from knowing nothing, to acquiring several cash flowing properties within my first year of receiving Nouveau Riche's education. And believe me, I'm not the exception. I've met several other students in the company who have realized the same success that I have with the education and/or their inventory of properties. The education is second to NONE and that's the bottom line. It would be a lie if I said that everyone who has joined Nouveau Riche has enjoyed immediate success. In fact, a few students "drop out" before they’ve even completed their education with the company. But the fact of the matter is that this is typical with any business. Some sink and some swim. I feel confident in saying that most students swim. The company doesn't fail, students quit without putting in the effort. Some people are more comfortable working in a safe and mundane 9-5 job accumulating paycheck after paycheck rather than venturing out and creating their own wealth. Just like another post stated, this company isn't for everyone. But to label it a scam, to label the education/products subpar, to say that it's an MLM scam, is absolutely false.

Reviewer: Unknown – Active with Nouveau Riche

It’s amazing to read the speculation of people that have a hundred reasons why something they’ve never experienced is wrong, “shady”, or overpriced. The sophistication and depth of the Nouveau Riche training far surpasses the dozen other GURU trainings we've attended over the last 4 years. We were at the very first Nouveau Riche presentation, before they had the extensive curriculum and ACE credentials. After meeting Bob Snyder and Jim Piccolo and based on their personal experiences as a Trainer and World Class Investor, we signed up. We had zero experience at owning or buying a house. We borrowed the money to get started and in 3 years we paid about $35,000 for our education and we made about $60,000 selling the education. We’ve bought and sold over 60 properties since 2003 and we’ve made about $3M in profits. Right now we’re holding $7.3M in land and commercial property. Could we have done it cheaper? Maybe. Would I do it again? Absolutely! Is it a scam? You can’t be serious.

Reviewer: Unknown – Active with Nouveau Riche

Nouveau Riche is a very legit company and I would recommend them to anyone. I was a student over 2 yrs ago and knew nothing about real estate and was taught how to do deals without using my money or credit. I have done well over a Million Dollars in deals since then and have helped others do the same thing. You really need to know HOW to use the education that Nouveau Riche provides to you to be a success. I liked the way I was taught so much I become an Independent Sales Associate for them and formed a website to help my students get a good start. I help them do their first deal and also give them Foreclosure listing info for as long as they want. I even offer more incentives to help my students grow. I help market the education as a way to generate some extra income to give back and to get the chance to network with other investors all over the USA.

My advice is Nouveau Riche is a good company, BUT be very careful of WHO you enroll with, and don't do it just to try to SELL the education to others, because some "slick salesman tells you that you can make $16k a month" because your results may very between what you can accomplish and what someone else has accomplished. Attend Nouveau Riche for the education itself. Then when you are a successful Real Estate investor (such as I was able to achieve) others will flock to you.

Reviewer: Unknown – Active with Nouveau Riche

I have been involved with Nouveau Riche for nearly 3 years now and have seen how it has impacted my family and my wealth in a very positive way. You need to realize an important TRUTH here. Just because a person in Nouveau Riche puts out an ad, doesn't mention the company name, misleads you, misrepresents the company, and advises you to go get a loan; doesn't mean the "company" is immoral or full of "sociopaths". Nouveau Riche is very careful as to how they are represented by "independent sales associates" If you feel you were misrepresented then contact the company "Nouveau Riche", I'm sure they would love to know who is recruiting in such a manner.

You need to remember there are idiots in all facets of society. This could happen in any business, religion, or organization. If this was someone telling you about religion and they were giving you misleading information, wouldn't it make sense to contact the leader of the congregation and inform him about it? Only then can corrective action be taken! Would this mean that because something a member of a congregation said that is not accurate makes the entire congregation "sociopaths" as I’ve read it being described?

Do something constructive and positive, contact Nouveau Riche directly and voice your concerns with facts and names and thus you may actually do something good, rather than complain and put negative information out on the internet. If you’d rather go straight to the internet with your frustrations you can’t call "the company" immoral. LOOK IN THE MIRROR! Go ahead contact Nouveau Riche, it's not hard, go to the Nouveau Riche Home Page and you will find the contact information in the lower left hand corner of the home page and you can call and voice your opinion where it will actually matter.

Reviewer: Unknown – Active with Nouveau Riche

I am with Nouveau Riche and it doesn't make me sad at all. Let's take a very honest and real approach to this:
1. Non-Nouveau Riche people disagree with or hate Nouveau Riche because they offer education and put the marketing efforts in the hands of their students.
2. Nouveau Riche people love Nouveau Riche because they offer education and put the marketing efforts in the hands of their students.

It's really just two separate mindsets. It's really that simple. The commission, once a student is certified to sell, is very high and it may attract some shady salespeople, we get that. Sometimes shady people bring in more shady people, it's cyclical, right? On the other hand, there are very ethical people who see a very real opportunity in the entire Nouveau Riche program. They can learn about investing in real estate, learn how to market and run a business, find more like minded people, and make a lot of money. They see it as the best income opportunity available to the average person in the country. They would be right. The bottom line being that they believe in the opportunity because they've never had one so big in their life. I have personally witnessed individuals coming in with hundreds of thousands of dollars of debt, and being able to climb out of that in less than two years. And to those who say "prove it" I'd be glad, too. You just have to ask. Honestly, I'm tired of all the attacks on Nouveau Riche. There are a lot of us that have taken full advantage of both sides of the coin on both the marketing side and on the education side.

My personal story is that I had no background in real estate, and through the community, in less than six months I learned to wholesale property. I'm now working on flipping houses to investors. Meaning I buy low, rehab, create a rental, and flip it back to investors that want a cash flowing property. Again, I learned all this through Nouveau Riche and on my own efforts. You heard me right; you may just need to study on your own outside of the college. Just like doctors keep studying, and lawyers keep studying, there's not one person out there that's going to leave Nouveau Riche with everything they would possibly need to be successful. You just actually have to work. It's a business. Bash Nouveau Riche all you like, bash the individuals that have sold anything by lying. They are scum and I wish they weren't a part of my organization, but unfortunately, when you have a sales model like this one it provides on both ends of the spectrum.

My advice to anyone looking at Nouveau Riche would be to do your own due diligence and be honest with yourself. Will you market? If you decide to market the Nouveau Riche products, will you be ethical in your efforts? Will you learn to invest in real estate and use the education to build your foundation and truly create wealth? Will you quit when things get hard or turn out to be more difficult than you expected? This is a business and it needs to be treated like one. It's not a “get rich quick”, it's not an “MLM” where commissions are being passed to person A to person B to person C and on and on. It is a very real opportunity, and every person that joins has the ability to run their own multi-million dollar business. My wish is that you run it ethically. Ask the right questions of your prospects, make sure they're aware that this takes work, and most of all, train your people well. Don't bring someone into your business then decide not to offer them support; that makes you a bad example of yourself and of the company. To the people that already hate Nouveau Riche; nothing that I say will make a bit of difference. I'm sorry that you can't stand us. It's a great place and the friends I've made are highly ethical and motivated people. Believe it or not, each one is balanced with real estate and marketing. Do some people come in and fail? Yes. Was that their fault? A lot of times, yes. Sometimes they were misled into thinking it would be easier than it was. But as a successful marketer, and a budding investor, I've got to say that Nouveau Riche was the best place I've ever landed. I left a job paying 70k a year and in just over 9 months I'm looking to match it; from home, without traffic, while learning to make much more in the years to come. I'm a good person, and I can sleep at night because I've never misled or ripped off a soul. If you give me your word when you come in that you will work, won't quit, and will let me teach you, I will make you successful, even if that takes 3, 4, 5 years longer than you hoped.

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Posted below is some of the actual Feedback found on the internet about Nouveau Riche from folks who have not attended the Nouveau Riche College yet and may or may not make the decision to join.

Reviewer: Tanya Isunza from Illinois

I found out about Nouveau Riche about a year ago, I could not get signed up right away because I had no money; I am a single mother with 4 kids. I just recently started coming back, and I have made a promise, to give it my all in the next 2 years! It can be done, it all depends on you, if you are a pessimist, hey, nothing will ever work for you - honestly, if with the training from Nouveau Riche you still can’t make it... YOU NEVER WILL! The first day I ever went to the first meeting, just with the 2 hour presentation, I felt like I could go out there and do a deal!! So much information!! If I would have had the cash I would had paid for the whole thing the same first day, I am still going to do it, I would RECOMMEND Nouveau Riche to everyone I love and even the ones I just like and hey... even the ones I don't.

Reviewer: Unknown – Not affiliated with Nouveau Riche

Ugh. Both sides of this conversation kind of make me sick.
We have the anti-"pyramid-scheme" on one side and the "Nouveau Revolutionaries" on the other. Nouveau Riche is one thing and one thing only, a network marketing company. What do network marketing companies do? They sell products. So they have products and they let their people sell for them. They don't carry any overhead and they don't have to pay any advertising because they have an army of marketers out there doing it for them. Shocking!
Soooo… Let's be mad at Monavie, too, and while we're at it let's burn down Mary Kay. People, it is network marketing, who cares. I doubt their real estate education is all that bad. From what I've read on the internet and every other place I'm researching it's actually good. The only people that are mad are the guys that haven't tried it but simply don't like network marketing or how they were marketed to. Understandable, but tell me the products are no good once you've had your hands on them - until then, keep your opinions to yourself.

So now that I'm stuck researching real estate, Robert Allen is a scam, except he doesn't give his league of followers a dime. That man doesn't do anything except write books and charge people $34K for his seminars. After dealing with Trump U on the phone for half an hour, they're ridiculously over-priced, too. You want to get your education for free? Join your local REI club or go to the library, no one is stopping you. People are willing to pay to join communities and have answers given directly to them. Does it mean they're getting scammed, I don't think so.

Network marketers sell products - it's what they do. Nouveau Riche "students" sell a product; obviously, some of them are more obnoxious than others. But being someone that loves network marketing, because if you're good you get paid a fortune (seriously, check out the network marketing models people... you're stupid if you're sitting in a 9 to 5 job), then this is just a network marketing company that's found a niche of products to sell, and an expensive niche at that. They give their marketers 50% commissions; it is most likely that you’ll run into some obnoxious sales people. Oh, and to whoever it was that posted that warm market script as proof that nouveau is a scam. You're not that smart. Of course they have a warm market script, they're network marketers! That's what they do. It is not shocking that they might train their sales force to be persuasive. If that's proof that it's a scam then you’re not presenting a legitimate claim of the company being a scam.

I don't care what side of the network marketing line you stand on, the company is legit. It's a business model, whether you like the model or not. Network marketing companies pay fat commissions to their people by eliminating advertising budgets. I understand that you're totally used to being punched in the brain by Tide and Taco Bell commercials so you're cool with your 10 minute commercial breaks, but Uncle Sam is standing there with a big thumbs up to marketing companies because they're doing nothing wrong by employing their customers to go out and sell their products, too.

After looking at their model, and just for the record, Nouveau Riche isn't a multi-level like Monavie or Herbalife... that's a totally different model. Nouveau Riche use's what's called a one up or a two up direct sales model. It's direct sales and it's definitely network marketing, but definitely not multilevel. How it works is you have a mentor when you start. You pass your first few sales to your mentor (training sales), and then you're on your own. No more mentors, no more passing money up to anyone. Once you're on your own, anyone that you "bring in" (sell to) is under you until they finish "training". So if you think about the whole "pyramid scheme" argument as "the guy on top makes all the money," do you see how quickly you're at the top of your own pyramid? It's smart and lucrative. All direct sales companies use them, and if you're into network marketing you want that process in place. There is nothing wrong with training a man and getting paid to do it! It's a business opportunity for the students that decide to market. Advertising agencies make money pushing you tacos and beanie babies, so why does it matter if it's "Joe from down the block" instead of a giant corporation full of people getting paid a measly salary for sitting around 8 hours a day. The entrepreneurs of America aren’t supposed to make any money, right? Because if you're stuck in your job pulling in a check whether you work or not, be mad at them for trying to get out, right? Don't get me wrong, if the marketer is shady and lying, then give him his, too, but if someone is really working and being cool about it, why all the skepticism of it being a scam? Let’s face it, some people get it, and some people don't.

Reviewer: Unknown – Not affiliated with Nouveau Riche

My friend Josh was looking into becoming a student at Nouveau Riche and asked me to help him in researching / analyzing this company, I thought I'd share my results. So is this company a scam? In my opinion, as a business consultant and doing a lot of research, NO! After investigating the facts and not listening to nay-sayers, here is why:

1. Their business system is very beneficial to everyone; they include their students in the marketing process so that they can produce income for multiple reasons as well as to put it towards real estate investments if they choose. I'd have to say, the marketing is not for everyone, but can be very beneficial to assist new investors getting off the ground.
2. Their tuition includes a partner for FREE! Great idea! They have the right idea here, I believe that having a partner is great for many reasons, such as, accountability, leverage and support are huge when doing... just about anything!
3. They have nearly everything that is needed for investors to succeed. Investors need to build their team, so they built an exclusive system for them. They have a mortgage company, credit repair company, accounting company, access to real estate attorneys, entity structuring, retirement planning, and the investor concierge, they really want their students to succeed.
4. If you buy the Regents Tuition, you get all of the recorded college classes on audio and video accessible through their business center so that you can go back to watch, listen and refresh.
5. They don't up sell you. Books and materials are included in tuition.
6. Repeat classes for FREE.
7. Their instructors are very successful full-time investors and/or experts in their field that have real life experience (strict criteria).
8. They use the ISD process when teaching, this means Instructional Systems Design. Colleges use this process of teaching for the best retention of their students.

I have not found any reason to claim that this company is a "scam" in any way. I've been researching and talking to students and a few instructors across the country for the last 6 weeks and I've found nothing but outstanding results. My friend Josh and his wife will be attending Nouveau Riche. I am considering it too!

Reviewer: Unknown – Not affiliated with Nouveau Riche

What Nouveau Riche is promoting is something I've been trying to do even before I heard of them (wholesaling real estate, short sales, etc.). I had an idea that this was not a job but checked it out anyway. Investors don't need to hire anyone to help them put a deal together. That's what their circle of professionals is for (attorneys, title co, appraisers, etc.) All they do is structure it to make sure it's profitable for them and let everyone else do their thing. Everyone not in-favor-of is only talking bad about the company as a comparison to an MLM. I want to hear personal experiences like "I went through this", "I experienced that", and so on. Tell me how HARD you worked their system and it still didn’t work. I'm not a fan of MLM's or trying to persuade anyone to buy anything but if someone can teach me the intricate details about something I already have a passion for then you don't have to sell me on it.

I've worked a 9-5 factory job; I currently work in the mortgage industry under a friend of mine and as an independent insurance adjuster. I have a solid work history and work ethic. I can go get a job anywhere but why would I want to make someone else rich. Isn't that the argument about MLM's and pyramid schemes? At my mortgage job I only get paid when a loan closes. No salary or benefits (at least none I can afford). I've got CD's and e-books on the subject but you don't get everything you need to know for $49.95. Just reading a book is not going to get you started and motivated to overcome the obstacles. The book is not going to follow up with you to make sure you followed the steps correctly. The book is not going to push you when you get scared. The book is not going to answer those un-thought of scenarios. You have to get up sold to go to the 3 day boot camp for $2000 or buy the complete package of CD's, all the forms you need, manual and 2 one-on-one phone mentoring sessions for $1500. I'm in the residential mortgage industry and know I don't know everything about this part of real estate. The concepts, rules and parameters are not the same. I'm not even promoting this but if you are going to get personal mentoring in the best investment vehicle out there, what's the problem.

The $16K that the courses cost, I know for a fact is well worth the cost, if you have it to spend. Wholesaling a property or doing a short sale on one property alone can more than pay for that. Heck, I bought a foreclosure to live in, refinanced it 6 months later and pulled out more money than that. If someone went to Nouveau Riche and couldn't at least make back what they spent then I think YOU are the scam. I can't see how you can lose your money or become more in debt with this unless the school vanished off the face of the earth. I heard they even help you find properties to put a deal together, with equity. Doing this on your own will slow you down right there, FINDING PROPERTIES.

I'm not even talking about marketing their stuff to other people to make money either. I'm strictly talking about attending Nouveau Riche to learn the ropes. I can almost cuss because wholesaling and short sales do not require you to use any of your own money or credit, just structure the deal to move the property and make money. In this case even if Nouveau Riche DID rip you off you can still get a deal done on your own and make the money back, since it's seems to be so easy to just read a book or two!

Reviewer: Unknown – Not affiliated with Nouveau Riche

I have been involved in Real Estate for a number of years. I have experience as a realtor, an investor, conventional investing, to totally outside the box real estate investing. This is not just a job, it is a life style. It is not for the weak minded or those that think inside the box. I do not want to come across as being rude. That is not my intent. What I am saying is there are two types of people; those who need stability and those who work well in chaos. I wish that I could be content with the 9-5 job, but I crave excitement and overwhelming challenge. I work well under pressure and enjoy the fight. This investing life can be very lucrative and very exciting, but also very stressful and complicated at times. This is not for every type of person. If you want to get ahead you have to make it happen, not everyone has it in them. That is why they have 9-5 jobs. By the Way, I have no affiliation with Nouveau Riche, but 15-16k for 4 weeks of training sounds like a reasonable price. I will not even get involved in a deal that doesn’t make me 30k+.

Real Estate can make you a LOT of money, but not everyone is cut out for it. Don’t take it out on some company trying to sell training. My friends have been picking my brain for years trying to get the ins and outs of real estate investing every time we talk. If I had the time I would teach classes as well. There is a ton of interest. I went to Beauty School years ago, spent $9,500.00 worked my tail off 9-10 hours a day at topped out at 40k after all products, space, advertising, etc; it just wasn’t worth it. Real Estate has made me 115k since August and I haven’t been working all that much!!

Reviewer: Unknown – Not affiliated with Nouveau Riche

I would like to hear from someone, anyone, who has SOLID evidence that Nouveau Riche is a scam, for example; they have tried diligently at what they were taught and it did not work. It seems as if all the nay-sayers are inexperienced in Real Estate as they obviously don't understand how "interest only", "equity" and "bubble market" ( if there is such a thing) work, and just for your info, Real Estate has ALWAYS continued to go up, up, and up. Sure you have your down markets just as you have your up markets, however you can make money with Real Estate in a good economy as well as a bad economy and over the long run you will always see an increase in value.

I bought my first duplex in CA in '79 for 56K, have borrowed more than 150k and still have 250k in equity, “in this market” and all paid for by the tenants with little to no major expenses. I've put on a roof and done some maintenance, but all in all, a very good investment. The money we pulled was used to buy six other investment properties, all paid for by the tenants at below market rents! My wife & I are considering Nouveau Riche because we want to learn what we haven't been able to learn on our own about investing, which is quite a bit. SO, if you have tried it and it did not work, or, you know what we need to learn for less, let us know, we are open to any suggestions.

Reviewer: Unknown – Not affiliated with Nouveau Riche

I too am looking into possibly joining Nouveau Riche, but am still in the research phase of it all. I am naturally a very skeptical individual and if I didn't have a friend from work who has a best friend already in it, that can vouch for it, I would have already walked away. I learned early on from my dad that if it sounds too good to be true, then it probably is. They openly acknowledge right up front that this is not a get rich quick scheme and that there is obviously risk with any type of investment.

The underlying fact that although real estate always goes in cycles, it also always goes up as time goes on. There is no denying that. I've been concentrating on trying to get into the flipping market, but in CA right now the market is down and turning a property around is a tall order so I'm trying to find other types of real estate deals that I don't have a lot of knowledge in and that's where I'm wondering if Nouveau Riche can help with that. I would like to also hear real life stories from the people that are telling us not to do it and wonder where the negativity is coming from and not just "Don't do it"....give me the meat and potatoes behind that.

Reviewer: Unknown – Not affiliated with Nouveau Riche

The only people that can really judge the quality of the education are people that have taken it. Even then, some people are lazy and just looking for a magic bullet. Education must be used, and applied; one is not going to be magically successful just because they paid for education. Does someone who goes to Harvard and then works at Starbucks have the right to say their MBA was a scam? Come on, there are traditional education programs all over the country that graduate kids every day that do not go to work, or get jobs in the field they were educated in. Also, last time I checked, most business professors in traditional Universities or Colleges are full time teachers and many have never run a business in their lives. You cannot see the big picture by dissecting one or two pieces of the puzzle.

In many cases people who get education, then fail, do so because there is some other element they are missing. It could be people skills, work ethic, persistence, negotiation skills, or bad breath. The point is, not all people are cut out for all things. For some people any formal education is about as practical as lipstick on a pig. As far as Nouveau Riche goes, at least they are teaching practical things that anyone with a brain can apply IF they have the time, are willing to work, and have the other skills sets required of a profession that is all about dealing with people and their personalities. I have been to a couple of the Nouveau Riche “Intensive” seminars and I learned some practical things there that I could have put into action had I chose to. I was impressed by several things when I went, one of which was that I was not high pressured to make a decision to sign up for classes and the other was how much REAL information was dispensed even at that level.

The reason I did not sign up was because I was honest with myself in that I had not even taken the time yet to read all of the real estate books available for free in the Public Library and so I knew I was not ready to devote the time to this that would be required to be successful (and to get a return on my investment). However after seeing a small sample of the practical how-to steps they taught for free in those 2 classes, I would feel comfortable investing my money in their education “IF” I was ready to take the steps, and spend the time to become a full time Real Estate Investor. I am a firm believer in self-educating oneself through free sources first, then paying for live education when one has progressed somewhat through that medium. For practical real-world application though, there is no better way to learn than through a successful mentor who can give you shortcuts and tips. That is why on-the-job training works for so many professions. Imagine learning to fix a car by only reading books.

Honestly though, every post I see on the internet, so far, that is bashing Nouveau Riche seems to be from someone who has not been through their school. In fact I’ve come across some full of people who confuse criticism with intelligence and seem to have nothing better to do than hang out on blogs and take potshots. If they were truly successful, they would not have this amount of time on their hands. And please, point out ANY company that is perfectly run and never makes mistakes or missteps. I’ve read about several people that obviously HAD been though Nouveau Riche classes, and all are very positive. That in itself says a lot. As far as the cost of their school, cost is only relative to return on investment. There are no guarantees in life except one; your chance of success at anything is relative to your own action/inaction. If someone does a couple of deals, they should at least break even. If they give up before then, then yes, they wasted their money. Many people (like me) are not at a point where paying for this type of education is a good idea. That does not mean that it is not a good idea for others.

As far as the Real Estate market goes. It is a volatile and changing thing. It is not for the weak-hearted or those afraid to step up and take a risk. That is why, when the deals fall into place, the money can be so good. I read that next year they are expecting DOUBLE the foreclosures of this year. That means a lot of wholesale houses on the market AND a lot of renters on the street (that probably cannot qualify for many traditional corporate owned apartment complexes). For people willing to deal with the details and headaches of the market, there is money to be made.

Reviewer: Unknown – Not affiliated with Nouveau Riche

I went to Nouveau Riche for a Real Estate Investing Education about 4 years ago after trying a lot of the "TV Guru" programs. The education and community helped me to become a full time Real Estate Investor. The 7 Investment properties I currently own certainly are not a scam and neither is Nouveau Riche. The "Independent Sales Associates" that sell the education and like ALL sales reps; you have some honest representatives and some who stretch the truth. If you really want to learn real estate investing and you want to learn through Nouveau Riche then just make sure if you enroll with anyone at Nouveau Riche that the person is a full time Real Estate Investor, or at least a successful part time investor.

For those who say the Nouveau Riche Real Estate Investing Education is a Scam, I would make the suggestion to not knock something you have not tried because you have not had success. My comments are to the broader point of the mindset. As a business opportunity Nouveau Riche has been featured in many publications in a very positive light including “Success” magazine (I believe the June issue) and “Success From Home” magazine. Google searches do reveal some negative posts but those posts are out-numbered by a large margin by positive experiences. Doesn't that tell you that the variable is the individual? The success is really up to the person. Calling people scam artists or any of the other derogatory names you have spewed does nothing to advance your theory.

The Real Deal
“Nouveau Riche is the real deal,” has been heard over and over again. Overall, the Nouveau Riche Real Estate Investment College provides the tools, motivation, and support that will get you on the road to successful real estate investing. Make the decision TODAY to start enjoying the FINANCIAL FREEDOM that comes with a profitable real estate investment portfolio!

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